unifying stakeholders
for sustained impact

A foundation of shared accountability and trust across all stakeholders is the bridge to a better future.

XO Health has taken a comprehensive and technology-led approach to create a modern health plan that connects the interests of all stakeholders. It’s a whole new business model and it’s been built with their active engagement at every step.


Employers want affordable and impactful benefits for their employees.

XO Health understands that the needs of every employer are unique. Employers need solutions that can flex across a wide variety of workforces, without compromising on outcomes or adding to their administrative workload. XO Health is an invested health plan partner with a sole focus on the self-insured segment.


Members want easier access to the right care for their needs.

XO Health provides omnichannel and frictionless interactions, leveraging a deeply personalized profile of an individual’s full spectrum of needs to match them with the right high-quality care, all while optimizing for preferences, personal circumstances and out-of-pocket costs.


Providers want to focus on what they do best – delivering quality care.

XO Health offers an open network that rewards and eliminates low-value, bureaucratic tasks for the highest performing providers.  It also expands beyond traditional providers of care to embrace new care channels and modalities, creating a truly holistic network that feels and functions more like a dynamic marketplace for all care services.