Employer-sponsored plans cover over 175 million individuals and represent $1 trillion in healthcare expenditures – yet their needs and the needs of their employees have been overlooked.

Without the right partners and levers to deploy, employers have been subject to a vicious cycle of rising costs and stagnant health outcomes. 

These employers have enormous market share and can exercise that market power to drive innovation. It’s time for a new kind of health plan – designed by employers, for employers.

30% of all Health Care Costs are Unnecessary

 Source: JAMA, “Waste in the US Health Care System Estimated
Costs and Potential for Savings?” 2019 

Empowering employers to drive change

Incumbent plans have chosen to pursue consolidation and market power to stifle innovation.

Capturing the lost value in healthcare requires a whole new business model, that connects the interests of all stakeholders and creates a foundation of shared accountability and trust.

a new kind of health plan
designed by employers
engineered by industry experts

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