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Francois de Brantes

EVP, Payment Innovation and Performance

François de Brantes is leading XO Health’s design and operational implementation of alternative payment models as well as the on-going performance of the network.

Throughout his career, Francois has led innovation and plan design for all aspects of advanced alternative payment models, from basic incentives design to contract structure to operational implementation. He actively supported the launch of the Leapfrog Group; created Bridges To Excellence; led the development and implementation of PROMETHEUS Payment; led the development and design of a value-based insurance design product; and applied that expertise to designing and implementing episodes of care and other advanced alternative payment programs for employers, providers and health plans. He is also a senior partner at High Value Care Incentives Advisory Group, at the forefront of transparency and payment innovation. He previously led the commercial business line development of Signify Health’s Episodes of Care Payment Division and was also head of strategic initiatives for GE Corporate Healthcare for over a decade.

Francois joined XO to create an environment in which the delivery system will truly compete for value, benefiting employers, employees and their families.