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Niki Panich, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Niki Panich is the Chief Medical Officer of XO Health, responsible for medical policy, pharmacy benefits, physician and patient experience, and clinical advocacy.

As a physician with nearly two decades of experience working in primary care, Niki brings her unique perspective as a practitioner to XO Health. She champions a wholistic approach to healthcare, considering both medical and social determinants of patient well-being. Niki also brings expertise in systems-level change, artificial intelligence, and business strategies having obtained a Master’s in Data Science and a Master’s in Business from Stanford University. Niki is a current Corporate Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic and is a practicing family physician with special interest in women’s health. She has also served as an advisor and consultant for a range of organizations including The51, Creative Destruction Lab, AltaML, and Elevance Health.

Niki’s is committed to revolutionizing patient care through comprehensive, personalized, longitudinal patient data and precision insights, and believes XO Health’s platform will finally make that vision possible.