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Swati Mathai

Co-Founder and CEO

Swati Mathai is the Co-founder and CEO of XO Health, working to ensure that XO’s mission and vision are central to all business decisions and activities.

Over nearly 30 years of experience, Swati has led innovation across health plan design and implementation, including sales and relationship management, segment strategy and go-to-market efforts, product development as well as consulting for Fortune 100 companies on the intersection of population health, workforce productivity and business outcomes. As the head of strategy for Anthem’s commercial business unit, Swati was at the forefront of the company’s digital transformation, informing the innovation roadmap and engaging clients in the early design of future healthcare technology solutions. Since leaving Anthem, Swati has been immersed in the digital health landscape, examining countless new solutions to understand their technology, business models, scope of impact and most importantly, how the industry would need to adapt to bring this broad array of capabilities and services into the mainstream.  

Swati believes that improving the health of our population has never been more vital and sees great potential in new platforms that harness the power of digital innovation to improve care and lower costs. XO Health will address large employer’s frustrations and provide an effective care model that is currently missing in the employer-funded healthcare market.