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Howard Kraft

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Howard Kraft is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of XO Health, responsible for product and marketing strategy across all aspects of the company. Specific responsibilities include development of XO’s solution road map, outcomes performance framework, market research and engagement strategy.   

Throughout his 35-year career in healthcare, Howard has worked to improve the impact of health on business success by helping to align strategies to optimize an employer’s investment in its human capital resources. Before joining XO, Howard led the Total Health team at a large commercial carrier, served as a partner leading key Fortune 100 client healthcare strategies and national clinical consulting specialty practice at Mercer, and served in a variety of leadership roles in employer and occupational health.  

Much of Howard’s work has focused on enhancing human capital value within organizations – healthy people, healthy organization, healthy bottom line – but he knows that to do so, healthcare must be transformed for all, no matter their job, geography, income level, or background. Howard joined XO Health because he believes that fundamental and systemic change is required, not simply a collection of incremental steps.